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Boots Styles for Summer

When you think of boots, you often think they are a typical fall/winter style. But with the right boots styles, you can pull them off this summer. It’s all about choosing the right look as well as material. We don’t recommend wearing those hot, fur lined boots unless you are a very brave soul.  But there are other choices that will look super cute.

Ankle boots are a perfect choice for the summer. To the knee can be a bit too hot in the warm weather, but to the ankle lets you show off your legs and keep cool.  Like the Brave lace up ankle boots pictured above. It’s got a cute macrame detail and would look perfect paired with shorts. And the macrame will let your foot breathe a bit in the heat.

Another great choice? Any military or biker style boot, like the Chopper below. And in the white cream color, it screams summer. Pair it with your favorite summer dress and you’ll be right on trend.

So who says boots are for the colder months only? Not us! You can absolutely sport trendy boots all year round if you pick the right styles!